Create a learning organization, close skills gaps and do much more with our Enterprise Solution. 


We deliver bespoke learning solutions to help transform companies, close skills gaps and increase growth and retention.

Our Enterprise Solution provides companies of all sizes with the ability to continually develop capabilities of their employees, retain top talent, reduce turnover costs by fostering loyalty and entrenching a learning organizational culture.

How could Ascend Academy help your organization?

Closing Skills Gap

Skills gaps constitute one the most problematic issues for managers and organizations in different sectors.

Ascend Academy provides businesses with a flexible and cost-effective platform to up-skill or re-skill their employees, ensuring everyone’s skills set are up to date in a the rapidly changing world.

Creating a learning organization

Transform your organization with the skills your employees will need in the future. Utilize SkillsHive’s curated learning pathways to drive measurable outcomes and develop a learning organization. 

Retaining top talents and reducing turnover costs

Ascend Academy provides an on-demand learning platform that could be used as a reward to help incentivize and retain top talents, drive impact and encourage lifelong learning across the organization. 

Gift learning vouchers or course upgrades as a thank you to hard-working employees who can choose a course to join, keep access to for as long as it’s on SkillsHive and have the chance to earn a certificate.

Transform your organization

Ascend Academy can help organizations of all sizes to transform their style of working or strategy.

Enhance the professional development of your employees by enrolling them on specific courses as individuals or teams, and monitor their progress with our innovative and user-friendly online learning platform.

Free Courses

Whether you’re entering the job market, seeking a promotion or exploring new interests, we have got you covered. Take advantage of some of our free courses and keep learning.

Premium Courses

Earn internationally recognized certificates in software development, data analytics, health and safety, and business and management from top-rated academics and industry experts.

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Become a learning oganization


Gamified, engaged learning

User-friendly, advanced online learning platform. Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective gamified virtual learning environment.


Trusted content

Created by top-rated faculties and industry experts, Ascend Academy’s curated strategic learning pathways enables you to learn the latest in-demand skills.


Accredited certificates

Most of our courses are accredited. You will receive a digital certificate after successful completion of a course, which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn page to boost your professional profile.

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