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Master enterprise document and file management as a fully qualified MCSE SQL Server database administrator with additional skills in the deployment and management of SharePoint Server. Once they have completed this intensive hands-on course, students will be ready to sit the MCSE qualification exams and to implement SharePoint-based knowledgebase systems.

From the fundamentals of querying SQL database tables using T-SQL to building an enterprise-class intranet and document management system using SharePoint, the MCSE SQL Server and SharePoint server course is perfect for:

  • System administrators.
  • System engineers
  • Database and intranet developers who want to improve their skills and earn an industry-recognised qualification.
  • Individuals seeking to retrain in modern data storage and indexing technologies.

Students will learn the skills needed to install, configure and manage SharePoint Server, and develop a greater understanding of the SQL Server technologies which provide the technical framework for the SharePoint. This approach ensures students can develop the level of expertise required to manage a SharePoint deployment in any environment.

Using a seamless blend of instructor led videos and self-study resources, the MCSE SQL Server Sharepoint course is completed online using the learning platform. All course materials are available anyplace anytime so that learners can study whenever best suits them. A built-in social networking platform also allows participants to ask questions and share knowledge with their peers, providing additional opportunities for learning.

Students can legitimately expect to boost their job prospects and employability as they acquire new expert-level skills and experience in SQL Server and SharePoint Server.

Key learning points

Initially students will be taken through the basics of the SharePoint platform, learning about:

  • How to Install, configure, manage and maintain a SharePoint Server instance.
  • Using profiles and permissions to secure data stored in SharePoint.
  • Configuring enterprise search and managing taxonomy to ensure users can find and access the information they need quickly and easily.
  • Building web applications and site collections.
  • Designing an information architecture with accompanying logical and physical architectures to build a corporate intranet that scales according to business needs and priorities.

Once proficient in the basics, students move on to the final module, learning about advanced SharePoint techniques including:

  • How to upgrade and migrate SharePoint Server installations.
  • How to configure and manage apps and solutions within the SharePoint Server environment.
  • Building a scalable SharePoint Server environment that will meet the growth and search demands of an enterprise-class organisation.
  • Configure interoperability with other services and applications including Business Intelligence (BI), social computing, productivity and collaboration platforms to create additional value from the SharePoint platform.
  • Improving SharePoint Server resilience for high-availability deployments and to cope with Disaster Recovery (DR) scenarios.

In preparation for the MCSE SharePoint examination, this course takes students through five in-depth modules to ensure they have the skills and expertise to pass the tests and prepare themselves for a productive IT career. The other three modules help learners get to grips with Microsoft SQL Server, which provides the database backend for the SharePoint intranet and document management system. These modules cover concepts including querying and manipulating data using T-SQL, installing and administering the SQL Server platform, and how to build a data warehouse to support the intranet and other BI applications.

Advantages of this course

Web-accessible course materials allow students to follow the course at their own pace, so they are never “left behind”. The MCSE SQL Server SharePoint course provides:

  • All the training and resources needed to sit and pass the MCSA SQL Server and MCSE SharePoint Server exams.
  • The opportunity to improve knowledge, skills and employment prospects with Microsoft-approved course materials.
  • The knowledge required to install, configure and maintain SQL Server for optimum performance and reliability.
  • Similar skills in installing, configuring and maintaining SharePoint Server in an enterprise computing context.
  • The techniques required to query and manipulate data directly using T-SQL.
  • Knowledge in advanced SQL Server data warehouse construction, deployment and management.
  • The ability to extend SharePoint Server by integrating Business Connectivity Services.

The MCSE SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint Server 2013 course is essential for IT professionals who want to improve their database and intranet management skills, or to gain the knowledge and experience required to pass their MCSA and MCSE exams.