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Learn to identify the most common risks associated with working with, or the prolonged use of, Display Screen Equipment including computers, television screens and/or CCTV equipment. This basic awareness course is aimed at anyone who uses DSE in the workplace and is an absolute-must for all employees.

Throughout the duration of the course, students will discover the importance of:

  • Good Posture.
  • An organised and comfortable work space.
  • Taking regular breaks during periods of prolonged use.
  • Knowing how to adjust office chairs and other furniture in order to effectively support the body when using display screen equipment for any length of time.

Remarkably, DSE is one of the most widely used pieces of equipment in the workplace, and yet it is also one that is frequently a source of discomfort and ill health for those whose jobs require them to use such equipment for prolonged lengths of time. During this course, students will discover some of the most common health risks presented by those who use DSE for extended periods including:

  • Back problems.
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Visual disturbances
  • Headaches
  • Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

At the end of the course employees are able to identify the common hazards and unsafe practices associated with the use of DSE, and know the appropriate preventative and remedial actions to be taken should any health issues arise. The course aims to provide students with an awareness of the associated risks of using DSE in the workplace, and just as importantly, how to implement safety control measures that will help to manage and/or reduce such hazards.

Key Learning Points

The course has been developed to give students an overview of the basic principles of DSE awareness. It is an essential training choice for any employee whose job requires them to use DSE for prolonged periods. It is also an ideal option for anyone hoping to start a career where the use of DSE is necessitated. Key focus areas of the course include:

  • Basic awareness course for those who use all types of DSE in the workplace for extended periods of time, including computers, televisions and CCTV/security equipment.
  • Gain basic awareness of the hazards associated with the prolonged use of DSE.
  • Discover ways to manage and/or reduce the associated health risks of using DSE for extended periods of time.
  • Learn to identify the common hazards and unsafe practices associated with the use of DSE.
  • Develop invaluable knowledge of the framework for safe working practices when using DSE.
  • Learn how to implement these safety strategies to prevent injury/ill health from occurring.
  • Know the appropriate preventative and remedial actions to be taken should any issues arise.

Advantages of this course

  • Flexible and easily accessible learning solution – students can work at a time and pace that suits their schedule.
  • Value for money: save on travel expenses, accommodation costs and any income lost as a result of time spent away from employment.
  • Interactive multimedia content that’s designed to suit any learning style, including courseware, quizzes and videos.
  • Keep track of progress with full access to exam scores throughout duration of course.
  • Have access to course materials and information via PC, laptop or mobile device.

Students can use this course to enhance their current job prospects, or use it to boost their skill-set in order to embark upon a new career path.