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Unity is one of the most popular video game and app development platforms of recent years due to its platform versatility and ease of use. Even if you have never coded before, this course will help you to learn the foundations of making a 3D game using Unity so you can build a functioning game that and add it to your own project ideas, and eventually, portfolio.

The world-leading creation engine for gaming has birthed many of the most popular video games in recent times among both fans and critics alike, could your idea be next in line to become an indie classic?


  • Introduce yourself to Unity and the Blender Game Engine
  • Build your own game from scratch
  • Design levels and artwork
  • Integrate characters
  • Utilise source code and art assets


  • Build a functioning video game from scratch.
  • Learn how to use two of the gaming industries most prominent tools – Unity and Blender.
  • Even if you have never coded before, you can use these lessons to get a head start in the game making industry.
  • Learn from an instructor who has nearly a decade of experience making arcade and educational for clients all around the world
  • Build your portfolio while you learn