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Project Management is more than managing budgets and delivering quality products, those two things are an end goal. A well-managed budget and a quality product make the project a success, but a lot of hard work goes on behind that in the “managing” aspect.

Imagine a superstar footballer: you see them playing well on the pitch, scoring all the goals, reaping the rewards both individually and as part of a team and getting the money that the work they put in deserves. But you don’t see the hours in the gym or on the training pitch that makes the success achievable. The management aspect of a project is essentially the same thing – anyone on the outside looking in will not see the hard-work that goes in until it comes to fruition.

Build on Your Foundations

This course is designed to build on your understanding of project management as a concept. You will be taught how to prepare a statement of work, set project goals and how to handle monetary and timeframe aspects of the project, to build on your current knowledge.

If you already have a project management qualification, this course will help you to build on the knowledge you have from your training, get a fresh outlook on how to handle projects and improving your soft skills to make the projects you work on a success.


  • How to choose the right project team
  • How to build a winning team and make the best of an assigned team
  • Managing team meetings and how to help teams manoeuvre through various project stages
  • Maximise productivity at team meetings
  • Rewarding and motivating your team
  • Develop and execute a communication plan
  • Communicate with sponsors and executives more effectively
  • Identify strategies for working with problem team members


  • Ideal strategies for the actual managing of a project and its participants
  • Skills that are transferable between any project, of any size, in any industry
  • A built-in, post-course Personal Action Plan to help you track the differences in how you work
  • Extracurricular resources given so you can build further on your newfound knowledge