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Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new? Welcome to SkillsHive! Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become successful professionals.

We offer innovative and strategically tailored learning programmes that provide participants with access to world-class learning from some of the best faculties and industry experts around the world. Our courses are flexible, accredited by recognized international bodies and very affordable. Contact us at hello@ascendacademy.co to learn more! 

We provide learners with the following services

Flexible, high quality social virtual learning

Live pictures, animated graphics and the personality of the presenter form part of a very effective virtual learning environment.

The combination of the presenter, animations and the quiz style questions keep the audience interested and stimulated. The outcome is to increase user engagement and deliver a lasting positive impression.

Learning analytics and progress tracking

Our Learning Management Systems are constructed in such a way that a set of questions are introduced after each module. 

Following successful completion of a course, candidates will receive a system generated certificate. Training managers can use our video training software to keep records and track employee progress. Information such as when employees last accessed the training, did they pass or fail? Together with lists of candidates who have completed the training can all be obtained from the software.

Technical support and specialization certificates

Ascend Academy achieves better communication with leaners through a robust technical support system.

You will also receive a digital certificate after successful completion of a course, which you can add to your CV and LinkedIn page to boost your professional profile.

Our Values


Our overarching objective is to educate everyone, everywhere.

By offering several programs, Ascend Academy gives learners the tools to gain an advantage through specialized pathways.

We provide leaners from around the world with the best learning experiences and highest quality at very affordable prices. We’re rethinking the possibilities of education and equipping individuals with the skills they need to actively contribute in the emerging digital futures. Whether you’re entering the job market, seeking a promotion or exploring new interests, Ascend Academy has got you covered.

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Our Mission is to:

  • Make education accessible and affordable to everyone, everywhere.
  • Provide individuals and organizations with future skills to participate effectively in the emerging digital futures.
  • Become a leading provider of online education and certifications.

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Whether you’re entering the job market, seeking a promotion or exploring new interests, we have got you covered. Take advantage of some of our free courses and keep learning.

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Earn internationally recognized certificates in software development, data analytics, health and safety, and business and management from top-rated academics and industry experts.

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